3 Wise Men was forged over three mates (the wise men in question) sharing a few drinks in a pub and bemoaning the lack of quality, affordable and snazzy shirts available in New Zealand. They came up with a game plan and a set of rules which saw the birth of their now-famous 3 shirts for 3 hundy ($300) deal. Making it easy for guys to buy quality, fashionable gear at affordable prices, the chain with a fetching container boutique in Christchurch’s Re:START Mall and online store become a staple in the modern Kiwi guy’s wardrobe. With a unique style dubbed ‘traditional with a twist’, more than a decade in, the 3 Wise Men brand has grown from shirts (still 3 for 3 hundy!) to include hand-made leather shoes, suits, ties, jerseys, ties, boxers, socks, cufflinks, leather satchels and wallets – essentially everything the modern man needs to look sharp!