Follow your nose and the enticing aromas of chicken cooked to perfection to their source and you’ll find yourself at Coq au Van Rotisserie, the funky French food truck and mobile rotisserie at Re:START Mall. It’s quickly become an institution on the Christchurch food truck scene – you can actually see chickens cooking on the rotisserie behind the staff while you place your order at this cleverly designed mobile kitchen. As the name suggests, this Euro-style French-influenced chicken is served up with fresh salads and French fries with a generous drizzling of delicious aioli. Grab a meal on the go with their quarter chicken and salad (or half chicken if your appetite dictates), or take a whole rotisserie chicken home for dinner. On the weekends, lookout for their equally scrumptious five-spice pork belly – best take a friend though so you can taste a bit of both!