Harnessing the vitamin-filled and nutrient rich power of fresh fruit, vegetables and berries, the team at Pure Pulp in Re:START Mall are all about supplying raw food tastiness that’s super healthy for you. Take a break from shopping to enjoy a delicious freshly blended smoothie like their Raspberry Machismo (raspberry, banana, lime, ginger and apple or orange) or refuel and power on with one of their freshly-squeezed juices like the Booster (beetroot, apple and celery) and the camera function in drink form, Red Eye Reduction (orange, apple and fresh mint), an awesome pick-me-up. They also have a range of tempting real fruit ice-cream and dairy-free sorbets, perfect for guiltlessly satisfying those sweet-tooth cravings! You’ll find them in the food hub precinct between Fritz’s Wieners and A Mouse Called Bean.